Multi-Layer filtering + autocomplete search

I’ve successfully implemented the “Multi-Layer Filter” by @evanlitttle in my app ( Because it must use the generic input to work (the search box input is not compatible, tried that) I have been trying to apply the “Search and Autocorrect” plugin used by @romanmg ( . Not much success so far.

Has anyone tried to do this?
Thanks, Chris

Evan used a workflow technique based on a trigger event and flow to funnel-filter.

An alternative approach is to use constraints in the rg search expression.

The search box performs a search by itself which apparently interferes with flows running that use a search box value. When I build filters I also use the input element for searching any field instead of the search box. Perhaps the rg constrained search might work with the search box element. (I am writing this from my iPad, so cannot check on how this would work or not in the editor until later).

Please do share your findings,