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Multi lines Calendars like Hotels Calendars?

Hey guys, does anyone know the logic/workflow to build a multiple lines calendar, like Hotel Calendars?

I know we have a bunch of simple calendars, like Google’s, but I need to build a calendar with all the month days as columns, and using lines to represent each room available that a user can book for X days. Not the function, but very similar to Hotel calendars.

Call calendar schedule or suite plug-in does that. There are at least two more calendar plug-ins already that do that also. Before calendar schedule or sweet comes with a scheduling plug-in also. I would recommend checking it out

This is just a little shameless self-plug by the way

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@Viktor welcome to the community!

@jared.gibb is a top notch Bubbler. You will not go wrong with his plugin :smiley:

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thanks for your attention, @jared.gibb, and @cmarchan . I tried to look around but I think I’m too newbie for even explaining. So here is a screenshot of what I’m trying to create:
Basically, is really similar to the native calendar, but I need to display the days numbers as columns.

I’m basically a designer so maybe I’m just dumb at that configs and really didn’t find it or looked on the right place. Please let me know if you are available for hire for a few minutes if those plugins really have this config. Thank you again for your time, mate.