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Multi Page Submit Form

I am creating a submit form which is divided into 2 pages. 1st page will get basic info like name, email, etc. and the visitor will click the next button to go to the 2nd page of that form which will have his billing details etc.
Now, i want to save all the data on 1st page and 2nd page of the form in a single data base, how can i achieve this.

Start with watching the videos on the documentation pages, they show you all the basic concepts.

However - Option 1
Page one, when user clicks next, the workflow creates the new object and saves it in the database, the object is then passed to page 2, where the user can then save the next set of data to the same ‘thing’.

The datatype would have all the fields required by page 1 and page 2.

Option 2
You create a Single Page Application (SPA) where each ‘page’ is actually a group on the 1 page, and each group is hidden or shown to represent the ‘page 1’ and ‘page 2’. when the user is finished on Page 2 (group 2), the object is created in the database with all the data contained on the two groups input fields.

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Great help @DaveA

I was just wondering which is a better approach to develop an app, SPA or MPA (multi page App). SPA is a new concept for me and i tried it and found to be very effective, as the transitions are much much faster in SPA than in MPA to load new pages.

But one question: Is there any trade off in using SPA approach and what size of an app can be build using SPA approach. Any limitations in using SPA…???

There are articles on the net that cover this, do a search on Google for single page applications pros and cons.

There are a stack of articles that cover that.

I am now using SPA approach, I am having one issue where i need help:

how can I hide and show different groups in bubble editor for editing purpose. As the groups are overlapping and editing becomes almost impossible. Until now i am using below work around:

I made the group invisible on page load and then reloaded the hole editor page, it shows me the only group which i have left visible on page load.

But this approach is very irritating and time consuming. please advise…

You can find this in the editor


Thanks @scottb50

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