Multi Record CRUD Best Practices in Bubble

Looking for some best practices/how to on properly doing CRUD work on multiple records in bubble. Seems difficult to find some good info on this and thought it would be a basics covered in bubble how to dos, but maybe I’m missing it? An example below to illustrate.

I want to save 3 records, A, B & C. All 3 Records must pass a validation rule set due to their relationships, ie they all have the same option set. If the relationship is not valid, none of the records can be created to begin with. That is an oversimplification, for my particular use, but illustrates what I believe to be a common use case.

Can anyone point me in the right direction for this… Key goal I think is…
Using States in Repeating groups to save in a format that can be A) Validated in multiple ways & B) Sent to backend workflow to loop & save in a way that doesn’t impact user experience. Because when the records are created, it is likely something else related to the record will occur immediately.

Please…Teach a man to fish… :fishing_pole_and_fish:

You can put the validation on the workflow and/or the button that triggers it.

Then just run a recursive workflow (or run the workflow on a list) to create the 3 things.

Can you show & tell. Where do I see documentation on this process from start to finish, ideally with some best practices.

Put a condition on the workflow (the" Only when" section)… and create the things you want

k, show me the rest, IE how to pull the option out of a state that’s been converted to text in order to save it in a loop in a back end workflow… at least that’s what I keep reading is the process… but looking for some examples.