Multi-select Custom state value repeating group

Values :: Both, Automatic, Manual
I have a searching filter, passing storing values in states values text : Automatic, Manual
Now, I assigned it as “transmission contained keywords get data transmission from page URL”

Repeating group is working fine for single single values it gives appropriate result but when I select both Automatic and Manual. It don’t show any result. In Url they are coming as “transmission=Automatic%2C%20Manual”

custom state is a list of texts named as transmission

Any Solutions ?
i am stuck on this for a while, i will really appreciate if someone help me on this.
Thank You.


:splitby (comma)

i have tried it but not working

Any Other Solution ?

Please share your setup … screenshots

these are 3 options when automatic or manual is select one by one they work fine but when all is clicked
these two texts are saved in states given above (Automatic and manual)
the above image shows the state value is being pushed in URL named as transmission.
this is the condition for for transmission, it is the same in both search for cars split by has a single comma (,) inside it without any brackets or anything

please check

Is the transmission2 state a list?

If not … that is the problem

Yes its a list of texts. it can be seen in inspection that both of the values are being sent

Try “is in” instead of “contains keywords”. Use the expression with splitby as seen below

now it is not blank it’s showing result but if for one only, automatic or manual not for both
if i select all whoever shows first in url like if automatic then result will be automatic cars only vice versa

I thought that you were sending a list

Lists can have:

0 entries
1 entry
1+ entries

Make sure that you are (1) passing and (2) parsing the entries when building logic.

Hope the above helps


Sorry, i didn’t understand can you explain a bit more, what i am doing wrong

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