Multi-select drop down box

I have a multiselect drop down where I want to add users and then assign all the users a task.
No problem doing this with a single drop down but for the multi drop down I’m struggling. How do I loop through all the users selected once I click the add?

Let’s assume that you already have a workflow (let’s call it wf_add_user which would take a username as a parameter).

In the workflow associated to the add button, use the action “Schedule API Workflow on a List”. In this action, you’ll have to fill in a few parameters:

  1. For Type of thing use User, because you’ll be passing a list of Users.

  2. Once you do this, the Editor will prompt you for the List to run on. For this parameter, use the value of the multi-drop down.

  3. For API workflow use “wf_add_user” (or however else you called it)

  4. For Scheduled date use Current Date

  5. Once you selected the API workflow in step 3 above, the Editor will ask you for the parameters required by the API workflow you are invoking. Assuming that it only requires a user name, set that parameter to This User.

This whole action, when executed, will start a bunch of background wf_add_user processes in the Bubble servers, one for each username that you passed in your list.

Hope this helps.


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