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Multi Selection with Buttons


I want to create a form where you can select multiple options if a customer needs one or more services done. I would like to do this with using regular buttons instead of radio buttons. Does anyone know how to have a multiple buttons stay selected when clicked and on submit take the data of each button to a “Summary” Page where customers can review their order before the pay.

Thank you

This is what Custom States are for. So each button is linked to a Custom State on your page. And each button has a Condition on it that when its Custom State is set, then it shows as selected. You then pass these to the next stage of the process. If that is on the same page (so a new group appears) then it is fairly easy, if you want to pass it to a new page, then you might need to do something different, like store it on the User or a Temporary field, or pass as a parameter.

Thank you for the reply, I will see if I can replicate what you said in my workflow. Is there an example you can link me to that can give me better understanding on how to create custom states for buttons so they once “clicked” they UI condition shows selected and data for all selected options are passed thru to a “summary” page

also what should be the state type be if I want to achieve this with just a mouse click function

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