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Multi step form - submitting empty fields

I have a big multistep form and it used to work fine, but now it doesn’t work.

It creates the thing on the database but the entire record is empty.

Does anybody now how can I fix this?

Are you resetting the inputs too soon. How does the workflow look for adding data to the database?

Everything looks normal from my end. I’m starting to think that it could be that when the groups are hidden. the data on those inputs disappear.

However it used to work fine last week, so I’m not sure

What does your ‘When Next button is clicked’ workflow look like?..

This is how it looks from the workflow and it has a condition that hides the button when the step is 7

Check what the debugger shows when you run the workflow.

The data doesn’t show as empty on the debugger. it actually shows the data typed in the inputs.

I also did a test and it works well (a thing gets created with data from the inputs)when all the inputs are filled.

But if I only fill two inputs from the entire form. The data of those two input still show on the debugger but the moment it creates the thing on the database all the fields are empty even the two that appeared on the debugger.

Since the form has a lot of optional inputs, a lot of them will be left blank.

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