Multi-step input

  1. Users will be entering inputs in a form.
  2. First input(Dropdown), users select an option from I, II and III.
  3. Based on the selected option at step 2 (I, II or III), the next dropdown will have different options (A, B, C for I, D, E, F for II, G, H I for III).

For this, I created a data table “STEP 1” with 3 data fields of I, II and III.
3 Option sets are also created: AC, DF and GI.
Data Table I-AC, II-DF and III-GI.

What I’ve been trying is,
When Step 1 selection is made, I set different states depending on which is selected among A,B and C.

And I hoped to use these custom states to show/hide Step 2 dropdowns. But, I am not sure if I am doing it right.

Any way to use the same dropdown that displays different sets of options by different custom states?

Or, what would be the optimal way to achieve this?


You might need to set the conditionals on the dropdown that change the choice source of the dropdown based on the values selected in the other dropdowns.

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