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Multi store checkout

Hi all.

I’m new to bubble and this is my second question so please go easy on me…

I’m trying to figure out how to build an Etsy style basket where there is list of items for each individual store. See example image.

Any ideas how I go about this?



You should insert a repeating group that its data source is the store’s inventory

Should there be a repeating group within a repeating group? The parent for all the stores in the basket and children for the products?

Yes. The parent repeating group will be the store and inside another repeating group with the individual’s store items

Thanks. And should the page Type of Content be products?

I don’t know how you built the DB but I think the page type should be cart

I’ve been following the academy Shopify and Etsy instructions (the latter doesn’t actually deal with this part of the build) so I only have user, product, store and order. I’ll experiment and see what I come with. Thanks for you help!

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Cart/Order same thing :slight_smile:
Good luck!