Multi user editable text with version history

I have a rich text input that a few users have access to edit on one user’s record. I want to record changes to it to have a version history like Google docs. But this could get crazy resource intensive. Each text field will only be added to and edited a few times by one or two or maybe three users. I’m thinking of just making it a list of texts and recording which user made each edit just using a list where the index numbers for each list will match to indicate who made each edit. Then I can display the history in an RG because the list of texts and the list of editors will both be things on the same data type (in my app this is a milestone).

Any better ways to do it without creating a new datatype with a text field and a user field? Or would that not really cost me any more?
Thanks for your ideas.


For scale the best way is an individual data type storing user, document, etc.

Wouldn’t recommend nesting it inside the original doc data type either rather calling a do search for constrained by doc = current doc for the repeating group.

I would also recommend to have a separate data type recording the user input

Are you using AutoBiding? if you are then you can trigger the workflow with the “input has changed”