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Multi-User Email Import

Hi - This forum is great, I’ve found lots of great info and ideas on this forum. Thanks so much for all the contributions!

Has anyone successfully used or similar to retrieve email from multiple user email accounts? My biggest issue right now is trying to figure out how to configure the Bubble API Plugin to connect to Context, any advice would be greatly appreciated! I think if I can get the authentication piece I might be able to figure out the rest, but I’m open to suggestions/alternatives.

I’m building a collaboration tool for my team, essentially a Mini-CRM tool. One of the ways to improve adoption is to connect the app to users email and allow them to quickly attach (import) emails to things (activities, conversations, projects, etc).

I’ve read several posts in the forum about email, and the most promising seems to be this one about Some of the Zapier ideas could work, but I need to connect to different email accounts based on the user and setting up a custom zap for each use would be a maintenance nightmare.

Also, using Context to push emails via webhooks to Bubble seems plausible, but would send every new email which would wreak havoc on my workflow count and I would have to keep track of a lot of unnecessary messages. I’d prefer to have an Import form that grabs messages from an inbox folder only when the form is launched.