Multidropdown corrupts filtering


I use multiple filters and Location being one of them. When I use a standard dropdown which lets the user select one location filtering works fine. But, when I use the multidropdown and test without anything in any filtering fields, I get no search results at all (I should get all records since there’s nothing to filter on). “Ignore empty constraints” is check everywhere.


Hi @philledille

It must detect an half empty record.

Hi @JohnMark

What do you mean by half empty record? Does the records need to be filled in - that’s not necessary for the version that works…?

Sometimes I get the same kind of error, and after consulting, I find an empty record that had not been filled correctly. I wrote you very early this morning, I should have mentioned checking with ‘count’ if my theory is acceptable. :sweat_smile:

Yes, I have on purpose a non complete record. But this is no problem when not using the multidropdown.

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