Multidropdown filter other multiropdown

Hi Everyone,

I have an app where an instructor is suppose to write a lesson review for the student.

In the review page the instructor selects both the Themes and Exercises reviewed during the lesson.

First the instructor select one or multiple Themes in the first Multidropdown.
Second the instructor select one or multiple exercices in the second Multidropdown.

The first multipledropdown should filter the second multipledrodown. Meaning Only the exercises belonging to the lessons should show.

I didn’t find a way to achieve this since the :contains function only allows a single choice in the first dropdown.
:merge doesnt work either.

Any idea ?

Thank you !

HI @karacrystal,

If you add a list field to the Themes data type that is a List of Exercises, then the data source of the Exercise dropdown can be “Dropdown 1’s value’s Exercises” This should list all exercises for the selected Theme.

Or, if the Exercise data type has a single value field that is type Theme, then the source could be “Search for Exercises, constraint: Theme is in Dropdown 1’s value” – meaning, “This exercise’s Theme is in the dropdown’s list of Themes”

Try that!

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Hi and thanks for taking the time to reply.

Indeed the :constraint works fine when related to a single Theme.
However when I type in multiple themes the list of exercises is now blank (since each exercises only have 1 corresponding theme).

In fact I should be able to do a :merge of all exercises for which the theme is selected but it doesn’t seem possible…

Hm, that constraint should still work because by saying “Theme is in Multiple Themes value”, it should show any exercise where the Theme is one of the selected.

Could you share some screenshots of your set up?

You should need to merge anything. It should be pretty straight forward with a single Search of Exercises provided that you have the right structure.

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