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Multidropdown for search

Colleagues, for more than a week I am suffering from one problem and now begging for help :pray:t2:

I’m trying to build a search page. And use Multidropdown plugin, and so have several multidropdown fields. Also, I have Repeating Group on the page. With the search button pushed page must form a user list with parameters from multidropdown fields.

In workflow I use Filtered Search with Advanced string like that

I found a wonderful talk about the same problem here on the Forum. So my workflow upper just repeats the scheme that was described in it. But I don’t know why it doesn’t work for me.

When the button is pushed system doesn’t work correctly. For example, all my users have field Day. One of them has in the field: Tuesday and Wednesday, and the other has only Saturday. When I choose any single day except Tuesday both users are shown, when Tuesday no user is shown.

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