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Hello all!
I am new to bubble and I am making a view or edit popup to view or edit the user’s blogs from a repeating group. The blogs have assigned categories from the user, and I want to allow the user to view the categories corresponding to the blog. I like the “tag” look from the multidropdown plugin, and from my understanding, the display is set by the “option caption”.
For some background info, the user adds or deletes their categories before they create their blogpost, and is saved in the database as unique categories text field. When the user creates the blogpost in a different popup, I have a field for the particular blogpost that is a list of text for categories. I understand that I need to do some sort of intersection between the two fields because the multidropdown element type of choices must be text to select each “tag”.

Currently, the only option to choose from is “Current option”(as shown below). I was wondering if there was a way to display the parent group’s categories with the multidropdown plugin or will I have to find a different solution?

Hi @trunkedcreative!

Perhaps an alternative would be to use Bubble’s Options Sets functionality to assign categories to a blogpost.

Example: I created an option set called categories with three category options 1, 2, 3

I created a thing called blogpost with a title and also added an options field type categories (from above)

And you can choose the categories in the multidropdown dynamically with option’s display as the name for the categories

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your time @cmarchan.

My issue is that the app allows users to have unique categories that they create, delete, and modify; from my understand an option set is a static list that is global to the app for all users.

Thank you again!


If you prefer not to use them, you could consider using category things instead. Use a text field to name the category (you could call it “title”). This way you can use this title as your option caption.

That is my setup currently(I think haha)! I have a unique categories type with a text field called category name:

The multidropdown plugin doesn’t seem to allow me to select text fields in the option caption.
I really appreciate the help so far, so thank you!


I changed the multidropdown’s choice source to the type of choice “blogpost” which has a text field called “title”. I set the choice source to “search for blogposts” and the option caption to “current option´s title”.

I changed it from categories just to show you that no matter what the thing is … you can set one of its’ text fields as the option caption of the multidropdown input.

It works.

Hope you sort out your issue :+1:


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