Multidropdown Ordering and List Selection

This is interesting, well to me anyway :slightly_smiling_face:
With a multidropdown the elements are ordered based on your search criteria in the choices source. So if I have a counter that selects the number of times an animal has been selected and I order by that, my dropdown selection is ordered by that particular sort which is great…so far so good.

Now, when I select the item from the drop down and the pill is added to the pane, it makes its way into the order of the sort (from the choices source), which for me is not so good as I want to know what the last item was that was added to the list. If I pick the last item and it is what I think it will be, it isn’t as the list has been re-ordered. It works if I select the items in order.

Example, if I have the pills:

  • Cat
  • Dog

and now I select goat from the dropdown list, hoping that goat is indeed the last item selected - if it is more popular than Dog or Cat, then it no longer becomes the last item.

The goal is to increase the counter for the item selected. All works apart from it can’t hook into the correct selected item.

I can verify this by placing a text box next to the multidropdown with the dynamic value Multidropdown

Is there any way to stop the re-ordering of the pills based on the search order? Or to have the workflow base itself on the most recently added/selected item?

My workflow is based on the “Has Changed” on the MultidropdownA’svalue:last item’s feature


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