Multidropdown repeated group

I have a multidropdown consisting of languages (english, french, dutch, …). I want that the repeating group filter the languages that the user wants. But I’m unable to make a constraint for the multidropdown.
In the first image language i can’t stop after ‘value’ (i’m forced to continue).

In the database, I tried both ways (where language is a list and where it isn’t) but I stumble at the same problem.

How am i able to use a multidropdown in a repeating group?

Apparently the data in the “taal2” field comes from Options Sets, so you would have to define which attribute of this data will be used, in this case, the “Display”.

How will I do that?

Taking your screenshot as an example, select the option “:each item’s Display”

I have done that, but then I come back to thr main problem.

Well, because of the Display attribute, most likely the source of your multidropdown is a options set, as I already mentioned.

Knowing that it is a multidropdown and, therefore, it can have several data, the comparative operator “=” would only match if the set of options entered in the multidropdown was exactly the same as the one contained in the searched field. So I believe you should change the comparison operator “=” to “is in”. This will make the filter return any record where the searched value is contained in the set of values ​​entered in the multidropdown menu. Try and tell me.

There is some good and bad news.
I tested your methode with taal2, and it worked.
But, i’m only able the chose 1 language.
I looked at the database and optionset.

I think taal2 works, because it isn’t a list, unlike taal.

Hi @sonic_alh9 !

This is happening because the result of a MultiDropdown is a list of values. So, taal2 can’t be EQUAL TO a list.

Imagine that taal2 is “Car” and the result of your Multidropdown is “Car, Moto, Skate”. Can you see why the operator “=” can’t be used when comparing a single result to a list?

The correct operator in this case is IS IN.

taal2 IS IN Multidropdown's Value Eatch Item Display

Hello rpetribu,

I tried this but it doesn’t work.

Can you share a screenshot of your database configuration? What data type is taal and taal2???

taal = list of taals
taal2 : taal