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Multidropdown - set list

Good night people!
I’m experiencing a difficulty with the Multidropdown plugin.
I’m using it to select some registered subjects and add them to a teacher. And in the same action I also include the teacher in these subjects.
In the first action, which is to include the subjects in the teacher, I’m using the “set list” option and it works perfectly.

In the second action, which is to include the teacher in the course, I had to use the “add” option because the “set list” doesn’t work.

Multidropdown example:
exemplo multidropdow

The problem is that when I go to update the teacher’s subjects, it only updates the first action.
Does anyone have faced this problem and would have a solution to help me.
Thank you very much.

This is kind of a tricky situation, and I may even totally recommend to maybe not use a Multidropdown, and try to consider another way to add or remove classes.

The problem I forsee is if a selection is removed, you need to remove the parent group user from the classes list of teachers. I’d recommend maybe building a repeating group type of solution, with a checkbox to say if there are a teacher or not.

That way, inside that repeating group cell, you can easily manage both the user (by indexing the repeating groups parents user) and the class (by current cells class). This would allow you to easily modify both the class and teacher when an edit is made.

If you’re not needing it to remove from the class (maybe you have a backend workflow checking the two?) and only need a solution to the described problem, then on your second action you can change your make changes to list of thing, change the list to change to the multi drop downs list of classes. Then add the user from there. That should work.

Hope this helps!