Multifile Upload with API Workflow on a List

Alright, this one has me stumped.

Let me set the scene:
I have a multifile upload element with a workflow that schedules an API workflow. The API workflow then creates a thing (called "Transaction) for each of the file uploads. It works create, except for one thing.

I have a plugin that does some OCR. Plugin works great. What I cannot figure out is why the OCR doesn’t work when it is fed in a parameter from the workflow. If I give it a URL of an image (or PDF), it works great, but I obviously want the URL to come from the multifile uploader.

Video Example Link

Figure 1: this initiates the process

Figure 2: This is the backend workflow

Figure 3: This is the plugin action. Pictured below is what I assume it should be. But, when testing, I can only get it to work when I give it a manual URL.

Hey, I’m not sure if it’s possible to do what you want using vanilla bubble BUT I have made a plugin called “Better Uploader” which exposes two states which may be of use:

  • Uploaded Data
  • Raw Data

An example of what it lets you use:

MyUploader’s Uploaded Data

OR, if you want to use the files BEFORE uploading them to the server:

MyUploader’s Raw Data

I hope this helps.

Unfortunately I don’t think this will work for my needs

** EDIT: Actually, it may work for what I need :slight_smile:

Alright, I solved my issue. Folks, be sure to check your privacy options on your elements :joy:


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