Multilevel search i.e. search in search in search


As the apps tend to get more complex there are bound to happen some multilevel searches where you need to use several layers and levels of searches to get the data you need. The thing is that right now it’s nigh impossible to get a good overview of such a thing and setting it up is, thus, a PITA. there should at least be an up-a-level button in the searches. And then the possibilities to view the search as a tree somehow.

For example the door controller in my system is assigned to a zone which happens to have some users that are in turn owners of their ID-keys.

Now the door controller knows only its own information - its name and UID and perhaps something more. Now when it connects to the server it must get the keys it has to accept. And the search for that is a mouthful:
Search for keys where IsEnabled = "yes" and Owner is in Search for Zones(Controllers contains Search for Controllers(UID=ControllerUID and name=ControllerName):first item):first item's Users
Viewing this search and setting it up is really trying one’s nerves…

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We’re going to do a refactor of our composer at some point, to support parentheses, etc, so we’ll work on this then. it’s not for the very near future though, sadly.

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Is there a way we can take separate words from text input and run search on each?
and if we can remove words with only 2 characters from a line.

for example if we input old cars in country

if search count is 0
then remove ‘in’ or any word with character length less then 3
and search for ‘old cars country’
then every word separated
Search for letter1
Search for letter 2
Search for letter 3
And add all results to repeat group