Multiline As Password

An input element can be set as a Password content type. Is there anyway to do the same for a Multiline element?

Hi @s.arndt

You can add a HTML elemtent and add this code there.

var temp = document.getElementById(“multilineInputId”);
temp.type =“password”;

This should do the trick.

However, can I ask why you want to make a multiline input a password?

hmm…so far not working for me…

I set the id_attribute to ML And my HTML is:

    word-break: break-all; 
    var temp = document.getElementById(“ML”);
    temp.type = “password”;    

I also tried putting the code in a javascript to Bubble and it appears multilines don’t have a type attribute.

I’m generating password strings that can have up to 64 characters that overlap the length of the input element and the eye icon that can be clicked to show/hide the password. So I want to use a multiline to display the characters on two lines with wordwrap to ensure they don’t break in the middle of the string.

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