Multiline Input Disappear


I have found an issue with the multiline input element which will disappear whenever the width of the input is more than 300 px. It is occurring in Mozilla Firefox but not the other browsers (as mentioned by @patricia)

Even the Bug report link which I believe uses this element as well currently demonstrates the same behavior. As soon as I click on the field to input, the underline and the whole element just disappears.

I have attached an animated gif which showcases this problem.

Bug Report?

Yes, bug report as in which is the page given to report a bug.

I did some tests in my own app, and found that whenever the width of the multiline input is set longer than 300px, the same problem happens. However when I set it to 299px, it is working normally.

I had exactly the same problem a few weeks ago. A width of 299 works but 300 does not. However, I found I only had the problem when using FireFox. It worked fine in Safari and Chrome.

That is a good point. I also noticed that :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention it. I’ll update the main post to put in that info

You could just put something like bubble is incompatible with FireFox. I hit multiple issues every day. I prefer to work in the editor in FireFox but I keep Safari open to see the live app because it simply won’t load in FireFox. I’ve no idea what’s going on with the rebranding but I’m finding lots of little anomalies.

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