Multiline input that display search results

Hey Bubblers,

Is there any way to obtain an input that displays search results as you type?

What I currently have -

What I would like to achieve…

Appreciate the feedback!

Hi there, @scaffeoa… I’m not sure I understand your image there, but the search box input literally does exactly what you described (i.e., displays search results as you type). Have you tried that input?



With the pic below you can ask a question and it displays questions asked in the past. Will the search box allow me to ask a question as an input or will it just display results?

The search box input gives the user the ability to type something, and it searches for what the user is typing against a field that you specify as part of the input’s configuration. Is that what you mean?

With Quora when you ask a question, it displays past questions as you type a question you want to ask. So I have a multiline input when I ask a question but it would allow me to display questions asked in the past?

If you have a field in a data type that stores the previous questions, then the answer is yes. Why not give the search box element a quick try and see if it meets your needs?

Hey Mike…I do the search input element and it works for existing questions but not for new ones. Trying to think of a condition…I tried not empty but that did not work.

If you mean giving user’s the ability to add a question that doesn’t return any results in the search, check out this thread.

Hey Mike…that works for static choices and I am trying for dynamic choices. I am trying for the ability to add a question that does return results but also allows to add a question if there is a question that does not appear in the search results.

You can add a new dynamic choice. This is the description of the Allow entries not in list checkbox from Bubble’s documentation

Check this box to allow the user to type something that is not in the dynamic list. Access the typed text as ‘Input’s typed text.’

It says “dynamic” right in the description. :slight_smile:

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lol sorry, Mike…I thought that meant something else…that works but not when I type a question not in the list the question does not display now. :frowning:

Sorry, but I’m not following you here. If a user types a question that is not already in the list, there is nothing for the search box input to display. At that point, you can give the user the ability to add the search box’s typed text as part of a new thing in the data type where the questions are being stored.

So now when I type a question in the searchbox input it shows even though it is not in the list so my initial intention to my question works based on your solution…however, when I post the question to the question page, the question now does not display for some reason…


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