Multipage App vs Single Page App - HELP!

Hi guys,

I’ve started working on a system and made it an SPA, the problem is that I’ve already got many RGs and elements and it’s impacting my editor performance beyond all hell and I’m really struggling to even get developing my app.

My specs are pretty good:

  • Intel i5-7700k
  • GTX 1070
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1TB HDD
  • 256GB SSD

My issue is now that if I convert to an MPA the performance of moving all the SPA elements to an MPA but also the speed it takes for a user to move from page a to page b - which from experience isn’t “long” but it certainly isn’t a quick affair.

Is there any tips you can provide, whether:

  • On how to increase SPA editor speed
  • Increase MPA page to page speed

I am in the same situation. One thing that helps is to run the editor with the issue checker off. Do this by adding &issues_off=true to the end of the url. I do this when I know I’m going to be spending a really long time on a new feature or something like that. However, be very careful as you always should run the issue checker before deploying to production.

Also, as the Bubble editor goes is browser and internet based, your internet connection needs to be fast.

On the SPA vs MPA topic, I did split some of the seldom used or admin type functions (e.g. sign up, login, reset password, etc.) onto separate pages. But when it comes to my core app, I am a firm believer that the functions need to be snappy or you risk losing the customer. No one wants to use a slow app. So, I tuned the single page load as best I could and got it under 5 seconds which I believe is acceptable for a startup period. But at this point I won’t break my core app into multiple pages and introduce the page loading performance hit throughout the app. Just my .02.

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Thanks for the help Joey, using the issue off feature is quite helpful I must admit! The editor is still very slow and I might be inclined to believe that it might be my internet speed. I agree though and I’ll stick with it until I physically can’t.

I have the same situation and I just wonder about the M1 MacBook’s performance with this situation. Are there any people who experience it?

Thanks in advance

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I have had similar issues and ended up keeping the app ‘core functions’ on a SPA and then creating new pages for different types of features, creating a hybrid approach.

For example, in my app someone might commonly change between Contacts and Order history pages, so it should be quick. But if they are creating an email blast it makes more sense to make that a different page that loads, same with an account settings page, as those are part of very different user stories.

I have seen someone else in the forums mention that they have a SPA and use Reusable elements for each page, so that they edit the ‘app page’ on a separate bubble editor page which keeps it quick. I imagine it comes with other challenges and rethinking how you structure some on page logic, but that might help in your situation.

Regarding the computer specs, I think at a certain point it is more about the limits of the Browser than the computer hardware but not sure.


The best way to structure a SPA is to use Reusable element.
After 2 years of bubble I realize it too late…

It will keep your app organize with all the WF inside each RE.
And the app will load faster, so better for user experience.


After doing a lot of experimentation this is certainly the best option! I am glad to be aware of this and I will now take the time to convert all main areas of my SPA into reusable elements… wish me luck!

Thank you everyone for your contribution.

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Hey @cliffwoodjames and @akoziol . Thanks for this post. I thought it would be a good one to make a video about for anyone else stopping by:


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