Multipe Tenants/Accounts where each can define its own name for things in the app

Hi. I’m building a multi-account SaaS application (could be multi-tenant with sub apps, but let’s call it multi-account.) It’s for university departments to manage their students, so each department is an account, with admin, faculty, and student users. Unfortunately, departments have different names for milestones. Some use “dissertation” others use “thesis”. Some use “prospectus” others use “proposal”. Some call it “graduate study” others call it “post-graduate study”. And so on.

So I’m wondering how to set up the DB so that the application calls these things one thing, but on account setup we can do some mapping/substitution for that account so the UI displays terminology familiar to the people in that account.

Thanks for advice!


Just add a data field in whatever data types you’re using and let the users choose the name for it. You’ll just need to make sure to properly route your application logic to the correct data type. It’ll be a hackish way of doing things but that’s what I’m thinking right now…


That seems simple. So for a given type, I have a field like DispName and then in any UI I show that. So if it’s a milestone then it’s by account (department) and so all accounts will have CandidacyExam but some will have DispName as “Prelim Exam” and others will choose “Comprehensive Exam”.

And I only let that be changed by either us on the back end at setup or by a superadmin user, with very strict policies on that.

That’s what you’re saying, yes? Thanks so much for the quick contribution! I looked at your site. Hope your business is growing. I’ll keep you in mind.

I’m thinking it would be useful if an Option Set were Data itself so that each tenant in my multi-account tenant application could input its own option sets on setup. I guess I have to do that with a data type.