Multiple apps att same domain?

The concept you’re exploring is single tenant (one company) versus multi tenant (many companies). (Simplifying things a bit, but for the sake of introduction).

Bubble’s subdomains (ex is the single tenant approach when you’re using a common core structure for an application. Conversely, is an example of multi-tenant.

In an multi-tenant solution, everyone is sharing the same database. Your data is restricted in access from other users based on privacy conditions and display rules.

In a single tenant solution, only one company exists within that instance. (’s data is in a different database than

If your solution is like a social network, that’s where you go multi-tenant. (What Linkedin does is they have a “page” for profiles, where content is rendered. Ie., when you go to, it’s inserting John Smith’s profile details in the “in” profile page. (No actual pages are created for the users, it’s just inserting data into a template).