Multiple calls to the same API in my workflow?

I’m working on a project where I’m integrating with Active Campaign via their API. I’ve got the couple of API calls I need setup and working fine in my workflow.

The functionality I’m looking to build needs to do the following:

Go through a list of contacts held in my Bubble database, use the email of a contact to look up the contact ID in Active Campaign, and then add a tag to that contact in Active Campaign using the contact ID that is returned from the previous API call.

This works great for a single contact in my workflow. What I’m struggling with is how to loop through all the contacts in my data (so multiple API calls) using my workflow. Any ideas?

Schedule API workflow on a list (of contacts) is what you will need.

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Thanks but that seems to be more API calls coming in (as I’m using these using webhooks elsewhere). I need to be making multiple API Connector calls out but can’t see how.

Set up an API endpoint in backend workflows to run the required API calls to look up the contact ID and add the tag.

Then use ‘schedule API workflow on a list’ to run that workflow on your list of contacts.


Thanks so much for the response which pointed me in the right direction and I figured it out. It’s now all working perfectly :slight_smile:

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