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Multiple Constraints in Repeating Groups

I’m building a service app that shows all the organizations in the area that provide certain services. If the organizations provide some services but not others, and users choose just one service need they have at a time, how can I display this in a repeating group? I’m new to bubble, and feel I’m close to getting it, but nothing I’ve done has solved this problem. I have been listing services in my organization type as separate yes/no fields, and I think this where my problem may be, but I don’t know how to fix it. My efforts so far—listing each constraint separately (eg services_shelter=checkbox_shelter is checked), listing them all as one constraint under the yes/no service field (eg service=checkbox_shelter is checked or checkbox_rentalassistance is checked…). Please help!

Hi @mydadbowls!

Welcome to Bubble and the forum!

Here’s a brief overview to help you accomplish this:

  1. I think the services for an organization should be stored in a list field, not as separate yes/no fields. Are services just a service name? Or is there more data per service? I ask because the list field could be a plain text list - list of names. Or, it could be a list of Services, where Service is a separate data type and may contain a name field, industry field, etc.

  2. Since you’re using checkboxes, I’d create a custom state list to temporarily store the selected services. Search the forums on how to achieve this.

  3. Your repeating group source could then be **search for organizations: filtered :advanced This Organization’s Services intersect with Custom State List :count > 0"

Meaning… Retrieve all organizations whose list of services have at least 1 that matches the list of selected services.

There are a handful of different ways to do this filtering, so this is the first progression of steps I’d take. Of course, your app might also have a bunch of other constraint requirements, so just do things one step at a time and keep posting questions here!

Gaby | Coaching Bubble