Multiple data sources in a repeating group- JSON only?

Every time the question of having multiple data sources in a repeating group has been posed, the answer typically involves using JSON. Is there a more Bubbly solution for this? I’m pulling data from several APIs so I’m trying to simplify the process as much as possible.

Just my two cents - if the different APIs are of similar nature i.e. return data which your app treats as somewhat similar ( because of which you want to load in a single RG), you can have a single data with all fields encompassing all APIs you are using and maybe even a satellite data type with all the common fields that you want to use in the RG to display info to users. Let me know if you had already thought of this or if this is too simplistic. But lets say you cannot store the responses of the different API into a single parent data type. Then I think, if there is a one-to-one relationship between the results of these APIs, you could store a reference number or serial number on each of the data types corresponding to the different API results that you store. Then you could load one data type (result of one API) into the RG and reference a corresponding data record in another data type using the reference number of serial number.

Yes I should have clarified- these are social media posts so I will not be saving them to a data type.

You are cooking something good there, I smell it. Good app in the making… Jummy!

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