Multiple différent vendors in Stripe

Hello, does anyone know how to make payments to different vendors from the Stripe Plugin. Let me explain, we have several suppliers and we want payments to be made to them through our Webapp Bubble. We know how to make the payment to our account but how to do it to other accounts? Thank you for your feedback.

That’s a pretty standard feature, and is well documented in the Bubble reference docs, as well as there being countless tutorials (some paid, some free), and forum discussions about how to do it…

Have you read the docs?

We thought we had checked correctly but we will dive back into the docs to find out how to do it. Thanks for answer and sorry we are new to these solutions.

Are you saying you’ve already tried it and it hasn’t worked?

In which case, how exactly did it not work?

You’ll need to be specific about the problem if you want anyone to be able to give any meaningful help here…

I will check with my tech in the beginning of next week and will give a more specific feedback. TY

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