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Multiple Dropdown Selecting from field (list multiple entries) [Resolved]

Hi Bubble,

@romanmg @fayewatson @levon @NigelG

Need help from seniors, I am not able to resolve this,
I have a field show_times2 [ Field Type - Text (Multiple Entries).
I have Multidropdown Element in frontend, When i select multidropdown window, i am not able to select single entry from list

How can i select only one entry from the list Ex- 10:15 AM


Set your dropdown type to text and then the source would be Search for Showtime_News’s show_times2. You might want to add a constraint to the Search for Showtime_News part… depending on which Showtime_News record’s show_times2 list you want to see.


Thanks Gaby, it resolved the problem.

Understood : Type of choise should be TEXT
I Owe you. :slight_smile:

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