Multiple Dropdowns to Create Unique Output

Still fairly new to Bubble, but getting the hang of it. Ran into project and not sure where to even begin.

I’m allowing a user to select a single item from a regular drop down and then multiple items from a multidrowndown. I’d like to then create a “list” or repeating group of those unique items.

I.e. If the user picks A from the regular drop down and X and Y from the multidrowndown, then I’d like to see the results as:


I already understand how to concatenate the results, but I’m getting “AX, Y” right now.

Is there any way to create a list of unique results based on what the user picks. In SQL I’d probably use group by to make this happen (haven’t really thought out how to do it in SQL, but that’s the first thing that comes to mind.)

Thanks in advance for the help!