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Multiple e-mails with unique messages

Hi everyone, I would like to find any technique about sending multiple e-mails with unique messages!

I searched the forum and didn’t found any real problem solved at this topic or any deeper explanation on this…

I will try to demonstrate the problem as simple as possible here in few screenshots and feel free to ask more always!

I have a “Thing” in database called “Invite” and just two attributes: “email” and “full name”.

Then I want to send as many emails as there are items in this repeating group / or rows in the “Thing” as a bulk action to each of the emails with the unique message to each one email!

This is where the problem begins because a simple workflow “Send email” wont let me do that individually but to all emails at once with the same message!

I have to mention that sending the email after individual entry (on “Send” button) wont solve the problem because of the system design rules. I need the emails to be send at any later date or time again all at once (like “Send multiple e-mails” button) and in the Body of the email message something like “Current cells Invite’s full name”.

Anyone any solutions on this?

Do want to send the email having all the other emails in it. Or do you want to send individual emails for each in the email list

send individual emails for each in the email list and individual messages for each one…

OK for that you need to schedule a workflow to occur. You need to enable API workflows. And schedule a workflow on a list.

As for the message am I correct I assuming that you want random messages for each of the emails?

Correct, I m trying to push random messages for each of the emails, I’m doing it the same with API workflows!

Great, I found it and it works now, but there is one more question, the “Send email” workflow is set in the API workflows and don’t find the “Website home URL” in the “insert dynamic data”!

But i see it is posible to paste the “Website home URL” into “Body” as well !

Well, I found almost everything, there you go !

Bubble is great !