Multiple Filters - Troubleshooting

Hi all! I’m new to Bubble.

I’m trying to make an app to help teachers with remote learning strategies. The idea is that teachers can quickly sift through a “recipe book” of free strategies to use in their classrooms.

There are a few filterable criteria that the user will be able to sift through: areas of focus, frequency, grades and learning forms

I’m currently working on two pages:

  1. A backend submission page in which I can create database entries that have all the data that can be interacted with by the front-end user:

  2. A front-end in which the user can select responses to questions, and then get an output of all the strategies that match the conditions selected (OR statements, rather than AND):

I’ve attempted to follow along @fayewatson’s live demo here: Multiple Filters to Refine Repeating Group

Where I’m struggling:

  1. The database structure. In the demo environment shared, I noticed there are circular references, but I’m not sure how to create those?

  2. When I try a test instance submission in my backend, I get a non-text version of my dropdown in the database for Teaching Strategy areas of focus, frequency, grades and learning forms.

  3. I tried to replicate the filter conditions in the repeating group, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Here is a walkthrough of what I’ve got set up in case the dev background is not viewable:

Thank you for your help!

In the backend when you are looking at your data sources, what you see in those columns are a representation of what the primary field is. If all my primary fields are set to the unique ID then it’s next to impossible to read, and on top of that if you wanted to add a data entry manually through the back end, you would have to know the ID and enter that instead of the name.

If you go to Data > App Data and click on Primary fields, there you can change what the primary field is.

Once you set the new primary field, it should be much easier to read from the backend, and much easier to add data entries since you would know what the primary field is. I’m still trying to figure out what the issue would be for the repeating group

So are you saying in my case, I’d do Teaching Strategy as the unique ID, and then change the following to Teaching Strategy instead of unique ID:

Areas of Focus, Frequency of Use, Grades, and Learning Forms?