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Multiple Focus Groups not working?

Hi Team

I am trying to create a multiple drop down menu using focus groups.

I got the first focus group to work but i cant seem to get any other focus group on the page to work…

I am not sure what i am doing wrong, but even if i copy and paste and change the focus group my conditions and workflows are talking about it still doesnt work…

Any suggestions?



Hey @greg.clark :wave:

Thanks for the post and sorry for the trouble with this. It’s possible there’s a bug of some kind here, but most likely there’s a setting that might be being missed. We’d be happy to take a closer look with you. One thing to keep in mind is that as you add additional group focus elements to the page (especially if you’re copy/pasting them) you’ll need to make sure to update the workflows that show/hide them, the target element they’re associated with and any conditions associated with them.

If you’d like to reach out for a closer look, shoot us an email at [email protected]

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