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Multiple forms linking to unique user data, form navigation

Hi Bubble Community,
I am very new to Bubble and creating an app that has multiple forms that are linked to a certain category of users. Let’s take an example of AirBnB for instance:

  • Set 1 of forms is for the Host/ Property (sign up, enter property details and so on)
  • Set 2 of forms is for people booking (sign up, list preferences and so on)

I have couple of questions regarding this:

  1. Simplifying the sign up process.
    I dont want people to start “signing up with password” already. Can they still fill out the forms and still be registered as unique users in the bubble database? In short, can they just provide their email and go on filling the forms?

  2. Form inputs are populating as individual cells in the database. See screenshot below, the information entered should be linked to one user but currently being populated as their own unique entries to the database. How can this be resolved? (When navigating through to forms I entered “data to send” as “current user”)

  3. If the user wants to save the information he entered in the forms, come back at a later time and finish the information, how can I make sure that the user is not entering the same information again? That the user is automatically directed to the form that he left off at?

Thanks alot :slight_smile:

Were you able to get this figure out?


Design your UI with the different inputs needed in the different steps

For this example lets use custom states

Set a custom page type number on the page

All groups need be hidden and set to collapse when hidden

All groups need to have a visibility condition using custom states

Each group should have the necessary inputs that are updated to the current user (provided that the user data type has the necessary fields to hold that data)

Sign the user up at the end of this 3-step process (it could be more steps and of course more inputs):

There are more aspects involved in terms of conditions to go to the next screen or to go back to the prior screen. Conditions so that when the current user does not have the data populated and he abandons the process how to redirect him/her to this 3-step process so that it can be completed. Anyways, I hope the above should get you started and you can research how to complete the rest by trial/error, reviewing videos/instructional material and/or searching the forum and other instructional sites.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the response. In my form a user goes through a series of questions within 8 pages. The data is storing, but its not showing up in the same row. It creates a new row everytime a user inputs information from a new page. I was told on page 3 of my intake form when the user creates the company you only want todo that once and on the rest of the pages do “Make change to Current User company_id”. When I do try what was suggested nothing shows up in my Company table.

@shelfyaccess I’m working on a multi-steps form builder with Bubble.
You can check the demo and see if this answer your request.

Demo: ramsha - simple form builder