Multiple "is not a possible option" issues while merging templates

I have an app I built from the Uber Foods template by @ZeroqodeSupport (@levon) and want to add rideshare services. I am copying and pasting the pages from the Uber Rideshare template to the existing “Foods” app. For each element I paste I get an error such as “Button LOG IN - is not a possible option”.
Does anyone know why I am receiving these errors and what to do about them? Also, is there a better way to merge features for separate templates?

Hello @groupcouponz

Without more details it’s hard to guess what exactly is happening. There may be a workflow related to login action which is not created correctly.

Can you provide more details, screenshots, video of errors, steps to reproduce the issue, etc. ?

Combining templates, although it’s possible won’t say it’s easy. Copying visual elements is simple but copy pasting workflows would require manual manipulation because they are tied to database structure and even if you recreate the same database structure Bubble won’t automatically match the new db fields and would show an error so you would need to manually reconcile each occurrence where it doesn’t see the db field or related workflows.

It could be doable but wouldn’t want to mislead you saying that it’s super easy.

Zeroqode Team.