Multiple list referincing in workflow

Hello, please, how do I reference multiple lists in my workflow?
I want to be able to able to type multiple items, in a field. Thank you.



You can use each operator more than once as part of the same workflow action. So if you are looking to add multiple single items to the “Artisan name” field, you can have several instances of the “add” operator. For example:

  • Artisan name add item 1
  • Artisan name add item 2
  • Artisan name add item 3

If you are looking to combine multiple different lists into a single list field, you’ll want to use the same technique with the “add list” operator. Its important to note that “set list” will override the existing list every time. For example:

  • Artisan name add list List 1
  • Artisan name add list List 2
  • Artisan name add list List 3

I hope this is helpful!

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