Multiple page designs/templates with the same URL structure

In the app I’m building, users submit information and a unique profile page is generated for them. The format of the URL is like this:

I would like to be able to offer multiple designs/layouts for the profile page and the user can select the design they want. BUT ideally, I would like the URL to follow the same format regardless of the template design selected.

I can create multiple pages with different designs, but I end up with the URL structure looking something like this:

Ideally I would like all URLs to have the ‘profile’ naming to keep things clean. It’s totally possible I’m missing an obvious way to do this. Can this be done in Bubble?

You can create the layout of the profile page in a group.
Have multiple groups on the same page all hidden.
And have a condition for each one:

When current users profile is 1 – Make this element visible.

Would something like that work? You will have to create a new field for the users data type called profile. And name the profiles whatever you like. They can have a dropdown to select the different styles that saves to that field.

I thought about going this route, but have some concern that it will increase the page load time to have several different page designs hidden. Also, I’m not sure, but it may throw off my responsive design settings to have everything for a single design grouped. It is one possible option though. I was hoping there might be a slicker way to do it. Thanks for the response!