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Multiple pages for directory-type app?

Hello! Bubble novice and non-technical person here. I have a question regarding whether Bubble would be appropriate for this project:

Say I want to make a directory of several hundreds of businesses, and I want to build a page to display key information on them like hours, phone #, etc. using data I would pull in via API(s) such as Google Places, Uber, Yelp, etc.

Then, I would like for other people to be able to send these pages to each other via links. For example, let’s say I create a page about a particular coffee shop, and then I send my friend a link she can click to see the business’s page (without necessarily being a registered user on my app.) Or if that friend copy/pasted the link to another friend, it would still work for that other person.

Is this doable? Are these all separate “pages” if they are laid out with the same template and data sources? I’ve searched past forum posts that make me think there could be limitations to do this, but I wasn’t quite following some of the technical back and forth.


I do know that if the data is loaded into Bubble’s database then this is all doable, since Bubble will dynamically populate a page with a listing’s info from the database and generate a URL that is unique for that listing. That URL can then be shared.

What I don’t know is if the information is being pulled from multiple sources via APIs and displayed in Bubble (ie the data resides at the source and is just being displayed within a Bubble framework), how Bubble handles the URL and also how you would consolidate the information so that a search by a user searches all the sources and then displays the information in a consolidated fashion. It may be doable – I’m not knowledgeable enough about APIs to know.

Another thing is reading the terms of service of the data sources, to see what they’ll allow you to do with information you pull via the API.

As someone who works with APIs a lot, I can say as long as you can pull back an URL, you can pretty much use it anywhere you want on bubble: display as text or link to a button, those are probably the most common way to use the URL itself.

But yeah the case you described is totally doable. You just need to think about what should be included in the template and construct it to be as general as possible.