Multiple Pages outside of the App

Is it possible to have more than one index page or external page to an app? Typically the index page is the “home” page for the app. Can you have another page that is exposed to users not logged into the app?

Every page is exposed to not-logged-in users unless you have a workflow or reusable element (with the workflow) on each page navigating them away when not logged in.

Hmm… did not know that… assumed they were all behind the login… so I have some updating to do…

Yes by default the page is just a page, test it right now you can view any page even when logged when out when you manually type it that URL.

Usually what everyone does is make a reusable element like a header bar, put the workflow in that On page load → Navigate to home page with the condition only when they are logged out. Then do another one When condition is true (everytime), User is logged out → Navigate to home page to cover if their session expired after the page loaded already.

Then make sure to have privacy rules in place so data is only seen if they are logged in.

Then even if something bugs and those workflows don’t run for a second they can’t see any actual data other than some empty elements on page.

You can take it a step further and put everything in a single container, not visible on page load, with the condition that the user is logged in to make it visible if you want to do that.

Personally I didn’t do that because those other workflow seems to kick in instantly anyways. Plus I think the V21 new performant rendering engine will only include the elements visible on page load in the static CSS file.

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That will teach me to assume something… should have figured that out by now… LOL Thanks @tylerboodman

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I don’t blame you, I think they need a checkbox per page saying “This page requires user to be logged in” and just do this all built in but :man_shrugging:

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Right? I am still stuck on the log information where you have to type twenty minutes … to see log data. A few hickeys in here for sure.

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