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Multiple rows getting created in Database for each entry instead of adding as columns in one row


I am trying to create a survey page with 3 questions. The values are getting stored in the Database in REVIEW Table.
The problem is that it is getting stored as multiple rows instead of multiple columns in one row.

i.e. 3 Rows are getting created instead of 3 columns getting populated in one row of Database.

Can you please help.

Can you give us a link or recreate it on a public app so we can have a look. It will be easier to assist you.

Sure Raymond.

Please find the URL Below :

I’m traveling at the moment. Will have a look as soon as I can

It’s doing what you asked it to do.

By definition, creating a new thing creates a new row on the database.

I think actually it is good idea to have ratings as one per row.

I don’t have time to explain right now, but I tried to show you how to do it by creating some new data fields and a new example of your page.

THe short version is it creates one rating, and then one linked rating detail for food. You could easily expand it with the ratings for ambiance and service.

Have a look at the data structures beginning Rating Test and then at this new page.

Thanks a lot mmcconna for letting me know on where i am going wrong and also providing the solution. I will look into it in detail.