Multiple Sort for Repeating Groups

Is it possible to sort a repeating group by multiple criteria? If not, is it difficult to implement this?


We don’t support this, and it’s actually not an easy fix. It requires both some work on the UI and the backend, so it’s not a quick win.

Is multi sort something you guys look to implement in the near future… If so is there a roadmap of proposed, planned or beta features that we can check to stay updated on the development of the platform?

A couple of the apps I was planning to use bubble for required multi-sort (Sort by Priority, then by date). As this is not a native functionality is there a way to accomplish this through some sort of workaround?

Haven’t tried yet, but you might be able to perform a Filter by priority, then sort by date. It’s not exactly the same, but might accomplish the end goal.

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We don’t really have a timeline there unfortunately.

That would be a way to do it. You could have a repeating group (date sorted) withing a repeating group (filtered on priority).

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Does this exist now? I see the last messages are from 2016.


Also would like to know

Yes, I would also like to see this. if not is it possible with the list shifter karma-ware plugin? @keith