Multiple Sorting in Repeating Groups - is this possible yet?

I have an application that displays a list of stock trades for the day. I want to display today’s stock trades first, and then for the most recent day, sort by value. Is this possible?

It would look something like this:

6/3 $2,000,000
6/3 $900,000
6/2 $1,200,000
6/2 $950,000

Sure it’s possible!

If I were building this I’d have a “running List” of trades for the past and the day.

The Repeating group would have something like:
[Today’s Trades Sorted by value]
Combined with list:
[Past Days Trades Sorted by value for each day]

So Every day at 3AM I’d add today’s trades (Sorted by value) into the master List of trades by date, by value.

Hope that makes sense, but yes. It’s definitely possible and hopefully pretty easy! :slight_smile: in the dialog box where you are allowed to enter the type of object you are searching for, that is, the dialog box that opens after you enter the “do a search for” expression, look at the end of the box, close to the bottom, you will see a “sort by” input, select the created date field and choose descending yes. Then you will see a button to “add another sort field”, click this button, it will show another set of input to add a new sort by field, this time, select value and descending yes. This will combine the two sort field in a single search expression. Let me know if this was helpful.

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Hi, thanks! This is what I thought the solution was, but for some reason, it isn’t working for me:

Here’s the configuration:

But as you can see, while the date sorts properly, the dollar values within the dates are not from high to low:

Hi Do you allow users to add dollar as part of the value entered in the data field PositionValue? if you did, then that might be the cause of the problem. so a better way can be make your positionValue a number data type. and when displaying it, you will format the number as a currency (dollar currency). That will make it sort the numbers accurately. Does this make sense?

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