Multiple subscriptions for one company under one credit card


I am currently building a B2B SAAS site that requires monthly subscriptions. Essentially, the following is our sign up flow: an admin (the CEO or the project manager) signs up the company onto our platform and invite each team members to the platform. Each employee is billed on the company credit card. How can I set such a thing up? I have the the account creation part down, and the sending an invite to each employee. However, how do I set up the stripe integration up?

@huzaifa I’d check the native stripe plugin, but if that doesn’t work you could even set custom api calls directly to stripe with your api keys. Stripe docs

In there you can set the payload from bubble to stripe so you can specify plans, monthly billing, personal details and other stuff. I have already used it and it works pretty well. If you have any issue let me know.

Good luck!

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