Multiple updates of Repeating group to MSSQL

Good day fellow bubblers!

I just got the BDK Repeating group plugin from @gaurav and it’s great. A silly question which seemingly didn’t get answered in full in 2018 when @davidb2 had a similar question… I’m looking at writing multiple results from a repeating group to an MSSQL DB via an API. Was hoping to do some sort of loop but I can’t seem to locate such functionality when working with an external DB, or probably I’m a noob. The image below is what I suppose I’ll have to repeat in a workflow for a set of entries with manual count updates unless you can give some advice.


Ok so assuming there is no loop function available, I have a maximum of 10 records to update. Best I write 1 stored procedure to be called by 10x workflow for each entry? Your inputs welcome.

Thank you in advance,

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