Multiplying two numbers from diff databases

I am trying to get the price of an item to change according to the price of the fabric (which I have entered in the fabric database for each fabric) multiplied by the yield of the chosen body (which I have entered in the body database for each style). I figured out where to tell the thing what to multiply to get the right price, yet when I run the test, the price stays stagnant.

If you’re able to access Bubble’s calculation functions, it sounds like you have your database fields correctly set up as number based. So that’s step one.

Could you post some screenshots of where you created the expression for showing the calculated value?

Hi Dan,

thanks for helping. please see screenshots below. I guess I’m not understanding what it means by “list of numbers”.


In this case, you might want to simplify the way in which you’re attempting to access the calculated value. (See GIF below).

I’d suggest this by having a single input where you calculate the value. (For bonus: you could add the input to the repeating group, which would automatically calculate the value. In that case, your formula would look like selected garment type’s yardage * selected fabric type’s price … and if there’s a fixed price for the garment itself, then + garment price).


Thanks Dan,

I tried that, but for some reason it’s still not working. There don’t seem to be any “issues” with how I put in the initial content but for some reason when I test it, the price stays at zero :frowning:Another thing I noticed, when testing, the user has the ability to type into the price box.

With the input, if you want to have it there as a reference for calculations, you can check the “This input is disabled” box and style it to look like plain text.

If the number is appearing as 0, it likely means that one of the values (current page body’s yield or the current product’s price) is empty or not being properly set up. The best thing to do is to dive in using the Inspect tool. (Here’s a quick tutorial video).

ok thanks