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Multiprivatecurrency program

Hi guys! My name is Tamás!

I have a concept for a financial program, which is a private initiative. I looked through the API, marketplace, showcase topics. But I won’t see any valid options for my concept.

I have a versatile plan to develop a multi private currency (complementary currency) program. Someone can suggest a template or certain parameters that how can I build up this setting? Similar by setup to the Cyclos 4 and I can place a brick-shape before the prefix or suffix parameter, which I can upload by myself and can show a certain number upon their user account. I saw some programs in the past, but them are no longer exist and I turned inspired by the success stories of some people. I learning programming languages, but I am facing with different challenges to live a better fulfilling live.

Can someone suggest a direction, where I can put my attention for valid resources?

Thank you for your attention!