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Multiselect dropdown input linked to zipcodes table

Hello Guys,

I would like to let my users select multiple zipcodes in a multiselect dropdown input.

I have installed the bubble “multiselect dropdown” plugin, I have linked the source to a “geographic areas” table

This table includes 35k+ zipcodes

The issue is that when a user is typing a zipcode or name of the city, many cities are not included in the dropdown proposals. I imagine that there is a limitation of preloaded suggestions when the multiselect dropdown is filled.

Is there any way to do what I want to achieve ?


Yeah, I would imagine having so many entries might be a problem.

Could you try conditionals? When input contains more than xx characters, then add a source and add the input as a search criteria.

Another idea is to only do a search after the user has entered info in the form. It’s not as dynamic, but it be better than long load times.

hi @rico.trevisan thanks a lot for your help.
Unfortunately, I’m not sure to implement correctly. Please see screenshots. I can’t find the way to count the characters functionality in the conditional menu.
Unfortunately, from what I have implemented, nothing happens with the conditional.

![Capture d’écran 2021-07-30 à 15.07.19|690x358]


I was wrong. There’s no way to monitor the number of characters of the multiselect dropdown.

Hmmm… how would I solve this?

  • switch that multiselect to an input and add a button next to it
  • when the user hits the button, it opens a pop up
  • use the input’s value to get a list of ZIP codex
  • display that list in an RG
  • when the user clicks any item in that list → add that item to a page state
  • user can close the pop up

If you want to stick with dropdown format, I would take a look at plugins. @Jici 's Selectize Dropdown might have the functionality you need.

I remembered that this little hack might be what you need: Building an Auto-Complete Search Feature on - YouTube